Loadscan worth its weight in gold

Loadscan has been chosen to present at AusIMM World Gold conference in Perth, Australia, on 13 September 2019 in technical session 8b, 2pm-3.10pm.

Owner and managing director of Loadscan, Carey West, will be presenting on ‘Increasing haulage efficiency in gold mines with load volume scanning’. You’ll find Carey discussing how a load volume scanner (LVS) systems have optimised truck loading and productivity at ODOD Gold in Mongolia and increased trucking factors for OceaniaGold’s Newmont Waihi gold mine.

ODOD Gold presented with many of the common problems being experienced on mine sites: multiple contractors each operating numerous trucks, shift tallies being distorted by haul-back, suspected manipulation of the manual tracking system, contractor disputes and payment delays.

The solution to ODOD Gold’s issues came in the form of four LVS systems, which each record accurate volume measurements along with all the pertinent contractor details autonomously via a drive-through scan. Trucks are now monitored via a centralised control room and mine management and contractors alike benefit from transparent and traceable data. Within a year of implementing the Loadscan system, ODOD Gold achieved a 97% increase in volume measured per day.

Similarly, OceaniaGold’s Newmont Waihi Gold, an underground mine in New Zealand, has reported a 10 percent increase in trucking factors attributed directly to the installation of their custom-mounted scan head at the tunnel mouth.

The World Gold Conference series is a joint venture between The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (The AusIMM), the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). World Gold will include all aspects of gold mining, including exploration, geosciences, mining (including geotechnical aspects), metallurgy (processing), environment and related themes.

Loadscan has been making its mark in the industry with dozens of international mining operations investing in their volumetric scanning technology. Unlike onboard weighing systems and expensive weigh bridge installations, which require a lot of ongoing servicing and calibration, Loadscan is a touchless system without wear-parts. It is seldom out of service and does not require routine re-calibrations to retain its accuracy.

Because trucks can be scanned in both directions on the haul road, Loadscan provides the unique ability to measure haul-back that wouldn’t otherwise be measured and accounted for in daily shift tallies. Loadscan provides a cost effect method for measurement, with fast return on investment. And it is proven to increase trucking factors by optimizing truck loading and eliminated haul-back.

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