Conveyor volume scanner

Optimize Conveyor Productivity
Loadscan’s new conveyor volume scanner (CVS) precisely measures and reports on bulk flow to give you ultimate production control.
Make better decisions based on accurate, real-time data feeds. And monitor and operate your conveyor belt on the fly, wherever you are.
It supplies volume measurement, reports tonnes per hour, enables you to set batching and job staging, and can be programmed to start job and stop belt when your target volume/tonnes are reached.
conveyor volume scanner (CVS)

Your belt scanner will supply live production data allowing for real-time monitoring and sophisticated reporting

The conveyor volume scanner (CVS) - how it works
Loadscan-CVS User-friendly software

Unlike other optical belt scales, which provide some data but don’t integrate easily, the CVS web-based user interface has been developed in conjunction with industry to ensure it’s hassle-free and data rich.

Loadscan-CVS Unsurpassed Accuracy

Your single laser continuously scans the full width of your (some other scanners measure a limited number of fixed positions across the belt) so you know exactly what’s flowing by and can optimize your production rates.

Loadscan-CVS Insightful immediate data

The CVS records detailed bulk flow measurement and supplies you with the right information wherever you need it (in the palm of your hand or in the back office) so you can monitor and manage your conveyor belt’s usage and productivity in real-time.

Simply pick the correct size frame to fit your conveyor belt

In most cases your scan head will be attached to one of the standard frames, which expands and contracts, for a secure fit to your conveyor belt. Your CVS system can be used with both shallow and deep ‘v’ conveyor belt set-ups. It’s cost effective, easy to install and low maintenance.

CVS-1SSstandard, small500-1150 mm
CVS-1SMstandard, medium1150-1750 mm
CVS-1SLstandard large1550-2200 mm
CVS-1Xcustom mountUp to 3000 mm

Belt scanners are beneficial wherever conveyor belts are used

Non-contact measurement of aggregates

  • Accurate volume measurement of quarried materials

  • Optimize yield of stone, sand or gravel product streams

  • Manage extraction rates and inventory stockpiles

  • Guarantee graded aggregate quantities according to customer specification

Easy batching of landscape products

  • Simply programme your CVS to batch speciality mixes

  • Set up daily/weekly jobs from your company dispatch software and fed to the CVS via its onboard API

  • Provide your loader operator with visibility of the job list via in-cab tablet

  • Monitor and manage jobs from the back office via reports tab

  • Better manage your equipment and control your output

Control mined

  • Automatically stop belt when your specified volume of ore is extracted

  • Configure your CVS to provide belt overload or sub-optimal loading alarms

  • Accurately report on quantity of end product carted to shipping points

  • Fix bulk flow scanner to any existing conveyor belts to gain volume flow insights and improve productivity rates