Loadscan is easy to set up, easy to use and it’s easy to shift location

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CATEGORY:Quarries and Sandpits
Civil Construction
LOCATION:Canterbury New Zealand
LVS-3BMP Portable

“At Road Metals we are so impressed with the Loadscan volume scanner that we bought another one within three months of the first.”

— Murray Francis, Managing Director, Road Metals Co Ltd

“There are several features I am especially impressed with. It is easy to set up and use and it’s easy to shift its location. It doesn’t need to be manned and we can check at any time on-line to see what the production is and the times of delivery. It sends all the information to our computers for invoicing.

At Road Metals we specialise in the supply of Crushed and Screened Aggregates in all parts of the South Island. We use the scanner to tell us the exact cubic metres of gravel our trucks are carting to a contract. The contract is paid for by volume so we find the scanner perfect for this as it gives us the cubic metres for each truck and trailer and then gives us our total tally each day, each week and each month. I would most certainly recommend a Loadscan scanner.”

Signature Swiss aggregate producer chooses Loadscan for accuracy and reliability
Improving costing and pricing for tendering for jobs big and small