Triple-S Compost secures customers thanks to reliable volume measurements

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Triple-S Compost is a compost and mulch manufacturing facility in Texas serving over 2,550 happy customers.

Since the company’s founding a few short years ago, Triple-S Compost has diverted more than 32,500 tons of waste out of landfills — turning it into valuable, nutrient-rich soils and landscaping materials to help grow and improve the Texan earth.

They accurately track and trace the various materials passing through their yard with a load volume scanner (LVS).

With previous knowledge of Loadscan’s LVS, the team decided it was an essential piece of equipment that would add value to their new business so they installed a trailer mounted mobile LVS-3TMM model shortly after establishing the company.

This has enabled Triple-S to guarantee the precise volumes they are supplying their customers, without the inherent perils of using guesswork based on weight or bucket counts.

Ronnie Fletcher of Triple-S says, “Our previous method of measuring material by the bucket load was causing uncertainty in our outbound loads. Now, by using the load volume scanner we are confident in what we supply to our customers. There are no complaints of under-supply.”

Triple-S Compost believe that by recycling plant waste into raw materials — that are then manufactured into composts, soils and blends — they can create a circular economy. What was once destined for landfill is instead made into custom soil blends that are used to revegetate, rehydrate and improve neighbourhoods, communities and the environment.

How their scanner works

Trucks drive below an elevated scan head that is mounted on a trailer. The non-contact scanning process is fully automated (scanning loads in-motion) and provides accurate records of every load regardless of environmental conditions.

Vehicles are fitted with RFID tags to automatically identify them. Real-time data, including 3D load profiles, are reviewed by the team at Triple-S and all this business intelligence is instantly captured, available on user-friendly reports, and traceable.

Unlike expensive weigh bridge installations, which require a lot of ongoing servicing and calibration, Loadscan is a touchless system that’s relatively inexpensive and easy to install, is seldom out of service, and does not require routine re-calibrations.

For more information about load volume scanning (LVS) systems visit www.loadscan.com

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