Myscanner Software Release Notes

28 June 2023
Here’s what’s New in Version (v3.5.0)

Improvements in measurements and records editing; users can now

  • Correct or delete data (error scans, product description, operator/vehicle information)
  • Manually add a scan record
  • New account setting for filtering of measurement scan records to default to not show ‘cancelled records’ (on by default for all new accounts)
7 September 2022
Here’s what’s New in Version (v3.4.0)

MyScanner Dashboard, the users can

  • Easily get a summary view of each scanner’s activity for the selected date
  • Identify errors and warnings
  • Get an idea of 5-day trends for load counts and volume

Improvements in Measurements, the users now can

  • Records can be filtered based on their success, error, warning and cancelled states
  • Records with specific warning states can be shown and reset by different filter options
  • Improved measurement period selection with a simple date range selector