Loadscan Mining Applications
LoadScan combines load measurement technology with mining specific software for increased trucking factors and smarter haulage management.
Loadscan Civil Construction Applications
Fully automated on-site measurement in cubic metres or cubic yards. No counting bucket scoops, no weight conversions. Turn problems into profits.
Loadscan Quarry Sand-pit Applications
Solutions for rock quarries and sand pits provide an alternative to traditional weigh scales. Loadscan makes payload management effortless.
Loadscan Bark & Mulch products
Loadscan solutions for the bark and mulch industry provide accurate volume measurements with reporting software for smarter product inventory.


The LoadScan® Load Volume Scanner (LVS) is the original non-contact, automated ‘drive-through’ lorry & dump truck load measurement instrument — an affordable, effective alternative to heavy-duty truck scales for the monitoring, tracking, and management of load scan data.

Compared to conventional weighing systems (such as portable truck and weighbridge scales), LoadScan® ensures you have greater accuracy in volumetric payload measurements. Unlike permanent weighbridge installations that require extensive site works  the Loadscan Load Volume Scanner is quick and easy to set up so trucks can be scanned without delay.

As the leading international manufacturer of payload volume scanner technology and load management solutions, LoadScan® are able to provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of industries and applications.


ODOD Gold Mine “I don’t know how we did without the LoadScan system in the 13 years prior, I simply couldn’t run the mine site without it now.”
– ODOD Gold, Mongolia

Newmont Waihi Gold Mine “It is a very, very reliable system. It is accurate, has been easy and seamless to implement and its reliability is very impressive. The support supplied, on the odd occasion we have needed it, has also been impressive.”
– Charlie Gawith, Underground Manager, Newmont Waihi Gold

To find out more about the Loadscan system, you can play our introductory video here.

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