Which of these issues keeps you up at night?


Underloading your trucks could be costing you a fortune in lost production


Carryback can have a major impact on your mine throughput


The hidden costs of off-centre loading add to running expenses


Measuring by weight alone is inaccurate and unreliable


Underloading requires additional truck movements to shift the same amount of material, reducing profitability.

We help mines to optimise loading by maximising every load, thereby increasing trucking factors and improving profits. Our load scanner accurately measures all loads and automatically generates 3D scan images that clearly indicate underloading, enabling corrective action (including operator training and coaching) to be taken.

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the implementation of our LVS.

Load Volume - Stated vs Measured

Stated volumes were over-reported by 13.7% when measured against actual load volumes scanned with the LVS.

Load Volume – Pre vs Post LVS

After implementing the LVS, actual loaded volumes increased by 15.8%.

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Optimally loaded
88.9 tonne payload = 49.4m³
= 11,249 truck loads

76.8 tonne payload = 42.7m³
= 13,021 truck loads

Underloading requires 1,772 additional truck loads

An example of CAT777 to shift 1,000,000 tonne material
(Based on density factor of 1.8)

LED message boards indicate amount of material left in bin. Once set threshold is exceeded, the driver can have the bin scraped to remove carryback.


Carryback is a common problem wherever material is being shifted and can seriously impact productivity.

By scanning all loads with the Loadscan LVS, carryback out of the mine is accounted for and can be deducted from shift tallies, improving accuracy of actual loads shifted. In addition, carryback can be identified through data shown on the message board and quickly removed from the bin.

Off-centre loading

Off-centre loading can substantially increase operating costs.

Uneven load distribution adds stress to truck components, reducing their working life and adding substantial costs to your operation. In addition, this can create excessive tyre wear, voiding warranties and requiring premature replacement.

The 3D scans generated by the system provide a valuable visual reference that can be used for training and coaching loader operators.

Inaccurate payload weight

Does it really matter whether you measure payloads by weight or volume? We think it does.

Despite being used extensively in mining, weight-based measurement has many shortcomings. This can be due to moisture in the material or which part of the rockface the ore is extracted from or how the bucket has been loaded.

By combining weight and volume measurement you get enhanced measurement accuracy of bulk densities and payloads. Volume measurement allows you to measure the ACTUAL load volume in a truck or trailer bin, regardless of the theoretical capacity.

Read the full story on why why combining weight with volume measurement delivers the most accurate and reliable results. CLICK HERE

Volume scanning delivers extensive benefits for mines

  • Easily identify and correct underloading to increase profitability

  • Improve loader operator performance and optimise trucking factors

  • Measure actual volume, not a converted weight estimate

  • Measure and account for carryback

  • Remove discrepancies between quantities hauled and mill processing data

  • Account for every load delivered or removed from site

  • Gain a better understanding of bulking and compaction factors

  • Improve ore body knowledge with volumetric as well as mass data

  • Automatically track truck arrival and departure times

  • Eliminate hand-written load dockets and manual docket processing

  • Proven accurate to +/- 1% (and certified for Trade in NZ and Australia)

  • No significant maintenance costs or recalibration required

Fast return on investment

Fast return on investment

Mines across the globe are leveraging load volume scanning technology to maximise payloads — with most mines reporting trucking factor increases of approximately 15%.

Unlike onboard weighing systems and expensive weigh bridge installations, which require a lot of ongoing servicing and calibration, Loadscan is a touchless system without wear-parts. The load volume scanner (LVS) is a low maintenance, cost effective alternative (or complement) to weigh scales — it is seldom out of service and does not require routine re-calibrations to retain its accuracy.

Fast return on investment
Online Truck Optimisation Calculator

System visual is indicative only and not to scale. Final system specification may vary.

Autonomous payload management

The LVS is the original patented automated, drive-through payload measurement system. Fast and simple, it takes the guess work out of accounting for ore movements and is fully automated with an RFID tag reader to automatically identify trucks.Loadtrak Rugged Console Touchscreen

Our proprietary mining software reports every detail of every load, and provides 3D profiles, which you can use to immediately identify sub-optimal loading and train loader operators and truck drivers to safely maximise payload.

Automated data capture and docket printing means your loader operators can focus on the job of loading and keeping trucks moving.

Powerful in-cab consoles

Accurate data for complete control and better decision-making

Every load record is stored in the system and connected to your desktop by LAN, WiFi or Cellular network. Data is viewed and sorted using our proprietary Overview reporting software and can be exported to Microsoft Excel, or imported into existing business systems. In addition, data can be imported into mine management software packages through an API, enabling users to manipulate and model load data to their own particular requirements.

Live data for optimised production

  • Accurate measurable information you can trust

  • Real-time production data

  • Assess haulage KPI’s

  • Remove discrepancies between quantities haulage contractor and mill processing data

  • Import load data directly into mine management software and business information systems via API

Powerful software tools to support the LVS.

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Overview Load Management
MyScanner Cloud Based Tracking Portal

We’re adding tangible value to the mining industry…

“It is a very, very reliable system. It is accurate, has been easy and seamless to implement and its reliability is very impressive. The support supplied, on the odd occasion we have needed it, has also been impressive.” 

Oceana Waihi Gold, New Zealand

“We don’t know how we did without the Loadscan system in the thirteen years prior. We simply could not run the mine site without it now.” 

— ODOD Gold, Mongolia

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Loadscan’s Advanced Mining Solutions are exported globally to mining customers across the world.
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