Oceana Waihi Gold Case Study

10 per cent more rock being moved for the same cost

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CATEGORY:Mining Productivity
LOCATION:Waihi, New Zealand

“Newmont Waihi Gold mine has been enjoying increased efficiency ever since a Loadscan load volume scanner became part of operations late last year.  — Charlie Gawith, Underground Manager, Newmont Waihi Gold

OceanaGold is thrilled with the results from a load volume scanner.  With a strong presence in the Philippines, New Zealand and United States, the global gold mining company has enjoyed increased efficiency thanks to Loadscan.

Charlie Gawith, underground manager at Newmont Waihi Gold said “A 10 per cent increase in truck factors has been noticed since the Loadscan system was introduced.”

“This is a case of 10 per cent more rock being moved for the same cost. A ten per cent increase in total movement in a year is a huge increase in efficiency. It means trucking costs are effectively being reduced by 10 per cent in a year and that is significant.”

The Loadscan load profiling system gives real-time data, including live 3D imaging, of every load so

fill factors and correct loading can be monitored. It provides an exact picture (with +/- 1% accuracy)

of the quantity of material being extracted/hauled and scanning trucks on their return route will allow mines to monitor (and manage) wasteful haul-back.

Loadscan Custom Scan Head Newmont Waihi Gold Mine

Charlie continued, “Loadscan’s capabilities are driving a culture here in terms of ensuring trucks are fully loaded. Hence we have increased our trucking factor — the amount we declare a truck is carrying when it comes up from underground.”

“It is a very, very reliable system. It is accurate, has been easy and seamless to implement and its reliability is very impressive. The support supplied, on the odd occasion we have needed it, has also been impressive.”

OceanaGold also has a significant pipeline of organic growth and exploration opportunities in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. OceanaGold has operated sustainably over the past 27 years with a proven track-record for environmental management and community and social engagement.

The company has a strong social license to operate and works collaboratively with its valued stakeholders to identify and invest in social programs that are designed to build capacity and not dependency. In 2018, the company expects to produce 480,000 to 530,000 ounces of gold and 15,000 to 16,000 tonnes of copper with ‘all-in sustaining costs’ that range from $725 to $775 per ounce sold.

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