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When it comes to supply and delivery of aggregates and bulk products, precision and honesty are paramount. For Taylor Bros Transport Ltd in Tauranga, the integration of Loadscan’s LVS-3BMF load volume scanner (LVS) has been a game-changer.

Managing Director, Andrew Taylor, has been in his role for about two decades after taking over from twin brothers Garry and Kevin Taylor — his father and uncle — who started the business in 1965. During his tenure, he says the company has significantly changed the way it does business, with Loadscan’s innovative technology playing a key role in how the company’s operations have been transformed.

Transition from weight to volume

“We’ve always been a tipper operation and we concentrate fully in bulk material; bulk cartage, tipper trucks,” he says.

Originally, Taylor Bros Transport relied on selling products solely by weight, using loaders fitted with scales. However, as market demands shifted towards volume-centric transactions, they encountered challenges by using that as the sole system of measuring product. Andrew highlights how the paradigm shifted when customers increasingly sought loads measured by volume rather than weight.

“People wanted volume; they weren’t buying weight, they wanted volume and the only way we could see we could do this properly was to get a Loadscan,” he says.

“We knew there was no argument. When you sell by a Loadscan, you just can’t argue; they’re proven to be accurate and, to us, it’s all about honesty and integrity, and that’s something we were missing because we couldn’t guarantee what loads we were putting out there.”

The implementation of Loadscan’s LVS addressed the critical need for accuracy and accountability in their transactions. Andrew emphasises the highly precise nature of Loadscan measurements has eliminated disputes. The technology proved itself accurate, providing the foundation for a commitment to honesty and integrity in their business dealings.

Cubic metres as the currency

In a market where customers measure everything in cubic metres, the Loadscan LVS became indispensable. Taylor Bros Transport adopted a cubic metre-based system, aligning seamlessly with customer expectations.

“We sell by the cubic metre, our customers measure everything in cubic metres, they want to know they’re getting cubic metres. Out of this yard, everything is by cubic metres and, again, there’s no other way than by using that Loadscan.”

This move not only streamlined their processes but also ensured that customers received precisely what they paid for.

“Some people will do it and think they’re going to make more money, but for us it came back to that honesty thing; we wanted to know our customers were getting what they paid for.”

It’s a benefit of the Loadscan system that’s reinforced by Taylors’ Transport Manager Brent Smythe.

“We’re looking after the customer,” he says. “Because we’re charging by volume so we’re measuring in volume — it just makes it nice and simple.”

Customer satisfaction and transparency

The transition to Loadscan brought about improved customer satisfaction and, with the integration of vehicle tracking in their trucks, it further reinforces transparency. The technology allowed them to detail, with precision, the journey of each load through the scanner.

“Our customers are happy and we don’t have any problems at all. We never ask for proof of purchase or anything like that.

“We also run GPS in our trucks so we can show what went through the scanner and where that load went to, and that technology has been good for us to show our customers that we are honest and do have integrity.”

Return on investment and eliminating guesswork

While the primary motivation for adopting Loadscan was not about seeking a direct return on investment, Andrew acknowledges that the machine quickly paid for itself.

“We didn’t buy it with getting a return on investment in mind – we bought it around knowing what we were selling and making sure our customers were getting what they were being charged for.

“We’re more than confident we’ve paid for it, more than once I’m sure, because nothing goes out the gate that’s unaccounted for now.”

The elimination of ‘estimation’ regarding product quantities significantly impacted their bottom line. The company was no longer giving away or unintentionally losing product, ensuring that every load was accounted for.

“Before, it was all guesswork. Who knows what we gave away; we’re sure it was considerable, but now we’re sure we’re not, and that’s the key to it for us.”

The ease of use and accessibility

Taylor Bros Transport attests to the user-friendly nature of Loadscan’s LVS, with the majority of vehicles passing through the scanner trouble-free.

“Most of the vehicles through our yard now will scan, and everyone finds it easy to use,” he says.

Brent also reinforces the Loadscan system’s efficiency as far as reporting and paperwork are concerned.

“Before we had the scanner, we worked off the certified scales in the loader – the product was put in the back of the truck per tonne, and was then worked out in the office per metre. Then a manual docket was having to be filled out for every truck that was filled up, every time it came into the yard.

“Now, the scanner scans their load in volume in metres and then it’s up to the driver to come in and enter his rego. It’s a real simple process. They only have to enter four things into the display unit that controls all that, and then it prints him out a ticket.

“It’s got rid of all the paper. Some days we’d be filling out 150 dockets. Every time they came in, they’d have to come in and fill out a docket – it’s got rid of that totally, so it’s just made it so easy.”

The system’s ease of use also extends to generating real-time reports, facilitating quick and efficient decision-making.

Accounting integration and future prospects

From an accounting standpoint, the company charges off the data generated through the scanner, showcasing a commitment to leveraging technology for operational efficiency. Andrew Taylor expresses excitement about ongoing improvements in technology and the prospect of seamless integration with their accounting systems. This evolving synergy between Loadscan and accounting systems promises further enhancements in data management and financial tracking.

“It’s easy to do tallies because we’re often asked for up-to-date information. It’s easy to go to the computer and download the reports, and that’s something we do on a weekly basis, or a daily basis if required.”

For Taylor Bros Transport Ltd, Loadscan’s LVS-3BMF is more than just innovative technology; it has become an assurance of accuracy, transparency, and integrity in their operations. This illustrates how the adoption of Loadscan technology not only met the evolving market demands but also exceeded expectations in terms of operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and financial accountability.

As the partnership between Taylor Bros Transport and Loadscan has continued to evolve, it reinforces the value of Loadscan’s innovative payload management solution in an industry where accuracy, accountability and ease-of-use are paramount.

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