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It’s Always Been About Accurate Volume Measurement.

An international market-leading business that has grown from one man’s mission to accurately measure truckloads of material on his civil projects.

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In 1998 the first load volume scanner (LVS) was invented and pioneered by company founder Wayne West in New Zealand. The problem that Wayne faced in his civil contracting business was accurately calculating and measuring the loads of material arriving at his construction sites. He conceptualised a device that could accurately and consistently measure the volume of truck loads without human intervention or manipulation. This led to the development of the first commercially available load volume scanner; a revolutionary and ground-breaking technology for the civil industry.

The original LVS system was named Tally Clerk, but this was changed to Loadscan in 2012 to more accurately reflect the nature of the product. Since then, the Loadscan volume scanning system and the term ‘loadscan’ have become an industry standard across the globe for accurate measurement of payloads for forward-thinking companies.

A year after its launch, our load volume scanner was certified in New Zealand and, in 2010, trade approval was granted from the National Institute of Weights and Measures (NMI) in Australia. Loadscan is the only volumetric scanning manufacturer with internationally recognised Weights and Measurement Certifications*. It ensures that when we measure your load you can be confident it’s absolutely accurate to +/-1%. It’s your guarantee of peace of mind.

Over the following decade, the original patented load volume scanner was further refined. Our system was sold to numerous local quarry, construction and bark & mulch companies, building a strong and enviable reputation as the most reliable method of accurately measuring payloads. In 2009, the first LVS was sold to a well-known and successful USA mulch producer, PR Russell, the first North America operation to leverage our technology. Since then, we have established a strong product presence in the USA, particularly in Florida.

In 2012, Carey West, son of the late Wayne West, took over the reins of the company and implemented the rebrand from Tally Clerk to Loadscan. Building upon the volumetric scanning technology his father pioneered, Carey and his product development team continued to further refine the payload scanning system, adding new innovations along the way to satisfy growing market demands. In 2014, the introduction of mobile, portable and fixed gantry models ensured our scanners can be specified to meet any customers’ needs. This commitment to product development and improvement is an ongoing process within the company, especially as we drive into new industries and strive to meet changing market requirements.

The popularity of our load volume scanners has continued to grow rapidly as more mining operations, civil construction companies, quarries, sand & gravel pits, and bark & mulch producers across the world adopt our technology, allowing them to increase productivity, improve accountability and maximise their business profits.

Today, Loadscan is satisfying growing global demand for reliable and accurate load measurement across a range of increasingly challenging international environments. For example, our autonomous payload scanning system has been adapted for underground mining applications with custom-mount options, we have 24-hour solar-powered load scanners operating in remote regions, as well as numerous other innovative applications.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and partners in all major markets, Loadscan has become a truly global brand, supplying systems to some of the most respected businesses in our target industries.

Listen to Loadscan CEO Carey West talk about the history of the company in this podcast from the Connecting Industry Conference in Australia, sponsored by Loadscan

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*Loadscan® is the only company worldwide to have achieved trade certification approval for truck volume measurements with a load volume scanning system. Our LVS system performs to the same accuracy as per Trade Approval Certificate 1556 (MAPPS NZ), pattern approval Certificate 13/1/15 (NMI AUS) and the National Type Evaluation Program Certificate of Conformance 24-001P for weighing and measuring devices (NTEP USA). Loadscan systems are sold as ‘monitor only’ outside New Zealand and Australia, but still perform to the same high tested accuracies.

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