Improving trucking factors and solving disputes in Switzerland

Project Details

CATEGORY:Civil Construction
LOCATION:Lenk, Switzerland

Banholzer Bau AG, a civil construction site based in Lenk Switzerland, needed a solution to solve disputes over input quantities delivered in its disposal site.

It took a 10-year process for Banholzer to get resource and environmental consent from the local authorities to open a clean fill site. Banholzer knew they wanted a load volume scanner (LVS) from Loadscan over the decade as they needed to report volume and truck numbers.

“Our trucks have shorter stops as you can lose time during conventional measurement. There is also little effort in checking the delivered quantities at our disposal site. We are very satisfied with the ease of use.”

—Bruno Kohler, Managing Director, is impressed with how the trucking factors have improved.

To optimize the efficiency of the load volume scanner, Banhozer purchased MyScanner™, a secure web portal allowing remote access to its scanner, real-time presentation of scan data and access to support from anywhere in the world.

MyScanner features:

• Live load data direct to you, wherever you are.
• Remote control of LVS systems out in the field.
• Export scan data in supported formats and view and graph historical data to get a more in-depth overview than ever before.
• 24/7 support including access to user documentation and a repository of frequently asked support questions and answers.
• Full administration control including user access and software updates.

Click here for more information on Loadscan and its products.

Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to shift
Solving civil construction discrepancies in Russia’s extreme conditions
Leveraging automated measurement across multiple sites
Improving costing and pricing for tendering for jobs big and small
Loadscan reveals that quantities received and delivered are way off

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