Managing Multiple Contrators2024-05-28T20:23:05+12:00

Managing multiple civil contractors can be a headache for operators!

Multiple contractors can be easily managed using the RFID tag system installed on trucks. This reduces human errors, eliminates hand-written dockets, and negates the need for a gateman or tallyman.

The Loadscan system shows exactly how much material has been delivered or shipped off site every hour, day or week, by individual truck and contractor.

Managing multiple contractors

Accurately track all material movements

Continuous real-time measurement of accurate volumes is the key information generated through the volume scanner. The automated system allows contractors to check on daily productivity and provides a useful cross-reference for payments.

It enables improvements in operational efficiencies by monitoring individual driver/operator productivity and, when combined with the 3D scan images that are automatically generated for every load, can be helpful in training and coaching loader operators.

Would you like the same benefits that other civil operators have enjoyed?

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