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Civil Construction

Are you tired of disputes over construction material quantities? So were we when we developed the LoadScan Load Volume Scanner (LVS) in 1998 as a fairer way to measure construction aggregates and excavated materials carted on, off and around civil construction sites. The fact is that civil construction materials are specified and traded in volumetric quantities (cubic metres/cubic yards) worldwide.

The traditional methods of determining truck load volumes by converting from weight, counting loader buckets or just counting trucks simply don’t work well and disputes are common. The Load Volume Scanner system is proven technology and provides fast, accurate, non-contact volumetric measurement of every truck load. And with a trailer-mounted mobile LoadScan solution your LVS can move with you from job to job.

Loadscan fixed LVS - Civil Construction

Construction Applications and Benefits

LoadScan solutions for civil construction combine Load Volume Scanner measurement technology with reporting software and remote data access and control options for smarter material movement management.

Fast, Accurate Truck Load Measurement

Fully automated on-site measurement in cubic metres or cubic yards. No counting bucket scoops, no conversions from weight, no arguments.

Money-Saving Solution

How much money do you lose in under-supply of construction aggregates buying by weight or bucket count? How do you monitor volumes of excavated materials removed from site and pay dumping fees? The LVS system has been proven to pay for itself very quickly by modifying supplier or dump operator behavior when loads are being monitored, even in cases where LVS measurements are not used for billing. Low running costs, full automation, low maintenance requirements and portability make the LVS system a very attractive solution.

Real-time Quantity Reporting

Accurate up-to-the-minute cubic volume reporting of materials carted on, off and around site. Historical period reporting for invoicing, site survey reconciliation, performance analysis etc. On-site or off-site remote access to measurement data.

More than just Load Measurement
  • Optionally collect additional load details with each measurement, such as product type, supplier, weight docket etc.
  • Loose product density calculations by combining LVS volumetric data with weight data.
  • Direct “loose measure” comparisons to surveyed “solid measure” quantities without conversion from weight.
  • Mobile, Portable and Fixed installation solutions.

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