A&R Earthmovers – Tauranga, New Zealand

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“At A & R Earthmovers the Loadscan scanner is used for a range of things such as: measuring imported metal that is being used to build our roads; measuring fill that is carted around site; and selling pumice and our other products out the gate.”

— Cassidy Schulz of A & R Earthmovers

At A&R Earthmovers we specialise in earthmoving and bulk fill supplies – for example, pumice, topsoil and clay, so the scanner is used in our everyday operations.
The Loadscan system has helped us improve our costing and pricing when tendering for large and small scale jobs. Used in combination with our Loadrite scales we can tell exactly how much a product weighs to the volume we are carrying.

It’s a simple system to use and the support team has been great. I would recommend this load scanner for sure.

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