Animal bedding company in Minnesota fine-tunes production with volumetric scanning

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Mala Mills, a producer of premium animal bedding, based in Minnesota, United States providing their range of products to poultry and livestock growers throughout the Midwest, purchased Loadscan’s CVS (Conveyor Volume Scanner) over a year ago. Andy Yetzer, CFO of Mala Mills says, “It seems as solid as the day we got it”.

Before implementing Loadscan’s Conveyor Volume Scanner technology, Mala Mills was facing a critical operational issue. “We did not have the ability to accurately and consistently measure our production output in an efficient manner.” says Andy Yetzer.

One of the key benefits of conveyor volume scanning with the CVS is that it enables better decision-making based on accurate, real-time data feeds. “We have been able to identify key tasks that need to happen more regularly than we originally thought to maximize production. The output information we receive from Loadscan confirms what regular maintenance tasks need to be done to be as efficient as possible. In the past we have had a lot of ideas, but now with this information we know for sure and can make operational decisions as a result”.

We asked Andy about how easy it is to use the CVS within Mala Mills’ environment. “I would say it’s very easy to use as all we do is reset the meter (on a nearby computer) when a new shift starts, the system does everything else. Most of our people utilize the dashboard reports on a daily and weekly basis to monitor production output. We produce some custom reporting monthly, which we are very easily able to do with the export feature as well. And the service and support have been second to none.” adds Andy.

With their new Texas branch that opened this June, Loadscan is striving to provide excellent local technical support to our customers around North America.

“We have been able to fine-tune our production and have identified key actions we need to take on a regular basis to maximize output and efficiency.”

— Andy Yetzer, CFO of Mala Mills

Customers are happy knowing exactly what they’re receiving
Scanning granulated bark, pumice, peat, compost, potting mix, metal and top soil
Using Loadscan to save time and money
Keeping track of hundreds of thousands of cubic yards across multiple facilities
Using Loadscan to ensure precious product isn’t given away

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