How many cubic yards on a load of mulch?  An age old question in the bark mulch industry for many years

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Midwest Trading is a wholesale supplier leading the Green Industry in Chicagoland with sustainable products for over 30 years. They specialize in custom engineered soils for green roofs, bio-swales & rain gardens, Envirolok vegetated wall systems and structural soil mixes. They also provide landscape mulches, soil amendments, nursery and greenhouse growth media & supplies.

“How many cubic yards are on a load of mulch?”  That has been the age old question in the bark mulch industry for many years. No one really knew the answer to that question due to the subjectivity of measuring. Buyers and sellers alike struggled with finding a consistent method for loading trucks that was fair to everyone. Loadscan has solved all that.  In 2014 we at Midwest Trading, Inc. chose to be an industry leader in accurately measuring bark mulch loads by investing in the Loadscan  technology. We purchased the equipment and software and installed the Load Volume Scanner at our Ottawa, IL. barge facility.  Two laser heads scan a truck before and after loading to give a computerized readout with better than 99% accuracy. Our customers have never been happier because now they know how much mulch is on their load , exactly what the laser says is there.”  

— Dave Boyce, Sales & Marketing Division Manager, Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies, Inc

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The LoadScan Portable Load Volume Scanner is perfect for large or long-term portable truck measurement projects where there may be the need to move the load scanning location. The unit is mounted on a precast concrete mounting block making it easy to move around your site by forklift or by lifting from its mounting points. Another key benefit is that when supplied with our optional Built in Kiosk the portable truck measurement unit becomes fully self contained and requires minimal site work to install. The LoadScan Portable Load Volume Scanner can be up and running within hours and can be run by mains power or by using approved generators.

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Scanning granulated bark, pumice, peat, compost, potting mix, metal and top soil
Keeping track of hundreds of thousands of cubic yards across multiple facilities
Using Loadscan to save time and money

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