Work with us

Our people are central to what we do.

Our people are the heart of Loadscan’s success. We understand that our employees want to experience an enjoyable workplace. We support our people to thrive by creating opportunities for real and meaningful connections to be made with each other and helping shape the different career goals of our diverse workforce. 

We invest in our people with training programs, education, promotion opportunities, and belief in ability. Our business provides everyone with the tools and equipment necessary to work effectively and productively. There are limitless opportunities to learn. 

Loadscan employs a diverse workforce of people with varying skillsets, qualities, and attributes including product specialists, engineers, administrators, accountants, software engineers,

We all come together to deliver a quality product, that maintains Loadscan’s credibility as a company of choice, offering consistent quality outcomes for our customers. 

Our Core Values and Culture

Our values stem from our beginnings as a small family business and have remained the same over the years, irrespective of our growth. We respect where we have come from, and all of the people who have been involved in our ongoing journey, from clients to partners, dealers, suppliers and staff.
We strive to be the most successful and trusted load volume scanning company in the world, and live by the belief that through continuous self-improvement, mutual support, and flexibility we can achieve our goals.

Our People

You’ll find we’re very grounded and genuine in our approach to all we do. Our people support each other and use our combined efforts and talents to develop industry leading technologies and collaborate with our partners to achieve success. 

At Loadscan, we learn by doing, soaking up new skills and knowledge by applying them in the workplace, adjusting and fine tuning their application as new experiences accrue. We love what we do, and it shows in our passion and commitment to our work. 

We are continually working on developing a team of people that are diverse in their gender, culture and age and offer a workplace that appeals to all people at different stages of their careers through our recruitment strategies, learning framework and business policies.