Load Out Operations

In the compost business?

If you’re focused on improving your bottom line, then my upcoming presentation (Jan 2016) at the USCC Conference in Jacksonville, Florida will be of interest you.

I’ll be talking about how load out operations can determine your profit (or loss). Here’s a sneak peek of my presentation and some questions for you to consider about your own operation.

How accurate are your load operators?Compost-load-out

Your loader operators could be over supplying (or under supplying). A lack of accuracy could be the difference between profit and loss and keeping or losing customers.

  • Can you measure the cubic volume of material loaded into a truck to within +/-1%?
  • Do all your loader operators load trucks exactly the same and with the correct amount of material required?
  • Do you find that your stockpiles at the end of the month are smaller than expected?

Is there a chance you’re under supplying your customers?

You may be inadvertently short supplying customers if you’re estimating the load size when loading trucks by counting buckets.

If you’re short supplying your customers there’s also a good chance you’re being short supplied by your raw bulk materials suppliers.

The inherent problem is that current standard practice means it can’t be proven either way. Weight is not an accurate measure of volume due to the varying moisture content and product densities. This causes aggravation and arguments – nobody wants to be ripped off.

Do you understand the rate of product shrinkage in your bulk operation?

When mixing special product blends do you understand the rate of shrinkage in the mixing process?

Have you considered using volume as your measure?

More and more bulk material industry leaders are measuring their inbound and outbound loads by volume. This give much greater accuracy. Interestingly it also forces supply chains to sharpen up as they are able to check their inbound loads.

My presentation will provide further detail on the potential implications to your bottom line if your loads are inaccurate and show how using volume as a measure leads to better accuracy, better customer relationships and ultimately better profit.

Loadscan at the USCC Conference and Tradeshow

The USCC Conference and Tradeshow is in Jacksonville, Florida from the 25-28th January 2016 at the Hyatt Regency. It’s the world’s largest composting conference and exhibition for the organic’s management industry.

Find us:

Come and talk to us. We’re exhibiting at stand 204.

See us in action:

Loadscan is also participating in the USCC Equipment Show and Demonstration Day which takes place on January 28th at the JB Coxwell C&D Landfill and Recycling Center just outside Jacksonville from 8am to 4pm. We’re excited to be using a truck this year – we can drive under the scanner and give a live demonstration of how the scanner works.

Hear us speak:

My speaking slot is during the session on “The Business of Composting: Cost Reductions and Lessons Learned”. Presentations are on the Tuesday January 26th and I’ll be speaking as part of Session 2 between 2.30 and 4pm.

If you’re interested, but can’t make it along to the conference, drop me a line.  Carey West   carey@loadscan.com


The LoadScan Load Volume Scanner (LVS) is the original non-contact ‘drive-through’ lorry and dump truck load measurement instrument for the measurement of bulk material volumes.  Contact us today phone +64 7 847 5777 (or in Australia ph+61 7-3217-0311 or the US ph +1 951-234-5933)