Changing the way payloads are measured and managed

In a world driven by efficiency and precision, LoadScan’s volume scanning technology is changing the way bulk materials are measured and managed.

Using cutting-edge, non-contact laser scanning, Loadscan’s volumetric load measurement system is an accurate, real-time load measurement solution that continues to provide solutions for industries across the globe.

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A Loadscan load volume scanner (LVS) can save time and money, increase productivity and profitability, and make your business more effective and efficient.

Reduce Underloading

Underloading requires additional truck movements to shift the same amount of material, increasing costs and reducing profits.

Minimise Carryback

Wherever material is being shifted, carryback can be a common problem, having a significant impact on productivity and profits.

Utilise Assets

Track every load to and from site and optimise truck loading for the maximum efficient use of your assets, equipment and personnel.

We’ve created a free guide to see how you can tack advantage of these benefits

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If you’re looking for an accurate payload measurement system, Loadscan has the answer.

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