Loadscan receives NTEP Certification for its LVS-3XXX

In a significant milestone for Loadscan, the leading provider of advanced load volume scanning technology, their Load Volume Scanner (LVS) has recently achieved the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificate of Conformance for the US market.

This achievement not only underscores Loadscan’s commitment to quality and precision, but also further reinforces Loadscan as a trusted leader in the field of volumetric load measurement.

On December 10th, 2023, Loadscan undertook a rigorous field evaluation testing programme of the Loadscan LVS with an NTEP field evaluation officer in Orlando, FL where we passed and achieved the NTEP certification. The NTEP accreditation is a crucial recognition within the industry, ensuring that weighing and measuring devices adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

“This marks a major point in our journey to deliver accurate load volume scanning technology to the global market,” says Loadscan CEO, Carey West.

“Loadscan’s journey has been a work in progress, starting back in 1999 when the company started working with the New Zealand Weights and Measures department to evaluate the first patented load volume scanning system in the world for trade approval in New Zealand,” he says.

This milestone was achieved on November 18th, 1999, with the first trade-approved LVS system being delivered to the market in early 2000.

Nine years later, the journey towards trade approval continued with type evaluation testing with the Australian National Management Institute where an interim certificate patent approval was achieved on October 2nd, 2009 with the full certificate issued on March 11th of the following year.

In January 2014, Loadscan presented its LVS-3 product at the National Conference of Weights and Measures in Albuquerque, NM and achieved developing item status from that meeting. Eight years later, the opportunity arose to work through the NTEP evaluation programme, resulting in this recently-achieved Certificate of Conformance for the US market.

“Loadscan’s successful completion of this stringent evaluation reflects its dedication to providing customers with a solution that not only meets, but exceeds, industry standards,” West says. “Customers can now have increased confidence in the ability of the LVS to deliver precise measurements in real-time, facilitating better decision-making and resource allocation.

“The NTEP certification serves as a mark of quality assurance, assuring businesses that Loadscan’s technology aligns with legal and regulatory requirements for accurate load measurements.”

Loadscan’s achievement of NTEP certification also underscores its commitment to innovation in the field of volumetric load measurement.

As industries continue to evolve, having access to advanced technologies that enhance efficiency and accuracy becomes increasingly critical. Loadscan’s LVS, now certified by NTEP, stands at the forefront of this technological progress.


“One of the key advantages of our LVS load volume scanner is its ability to streamline operations across various industries where accurate load measurement is crucial for optimising logistics, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing overall efficiency.”

The NTEP certification reinforces the reliability of Loadscan’s technology in meeting these diverse industry needs.

Loadscan’s recent approval for NTEP certification for its LVS not only validates the technology’s precision and reliability, but also reinforces Loadscan as a globally trusted provider of advanced load measurement solutions, with CE also being achieved for the EU market in 2023.

“Loadscan’s product development programme is never complete, and we will continue on this journey to deliver the most accurate load volume scanning system to the global market, providing benefits to our customers every day,” West says

With companies continuing to seek efficient and accurate ways to manage their loads, Loadscan continues to be the worldwide leader of innovation and quality in load volume scanning technology.

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