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A recent internal report (April 2015) has been conducted by an Oil & Gas giant using the LoadScan Load Volume Scanner system in Sakhalin Island, Russia. An accurate measurement solution was being sort for discrepancies they were experiencing between supplied truck quantities of roading construction materials in metric tonnes and volumetric surveyed quantities. The brief to Loadscan was to provide a robust, portable volumetric Truck measurement system that could cope with the extreme conditions found in the North of Sakhalin Island.

Here is a brief summary of their report:

Project Applications & Deliverables:

This aggregate and soil management system is applicable to any project that involves civil works activities such as:

  • Bulk material orders from off-site suppliers
  • Hauling cut materials to a disposal location
  • Tracking truck loads and cycle times between loads for efficiency
  • Equipment run time and usage
  • Clear and grub

Summary of Outcomes:

“The LoadScan machines have worked efficiently and can provide a real benefit for any Civil/Earthwork scopes on a project.”

“One of the greatest abilities of the scanners is the ability to transmit the material data that is logged to a remote location via Wi-Fi. As back up, the data may also be gathered by using a thumb drive or equivalent there on the machine at the end of each day.”

“With using this system not only are you provided the practical hard numbers including cycle times, quantity per load basis, total loads per day, and date and time logging, but the program also develops an image profile of each record from a truck scan. Each scan that is taken of a truck will generate an image as shown below with 3 main views: Plan view, Transverse and Longitudinal. This allows the user to see exactly the high and low points of the material in the truck, the truck or trailer bed sides, and the density imaging.”

Contact Us for a full copy of the internal report from this Oil & Gas giant about their use of the LoadScan Load Volume Scanner system.

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