Saving by the bucket load.

One of New England’s leaders in bark, mulch and landscape supplies, D&D Mulch and Landscape, has been saving by the bucket load with an original Load Volume Scanner (LVS).

A few years ago D&D Mulch and Landscape identified the need to reconcile what their vendor was shipping to what they were actually receiving on a per yard basis. To solve their issues they employed a load management system (back then Loadscan’s products were branded Tally Clerk) and they have never looked back.

Loadscan’s LVS system utilises laser scanning and RFID technologies combined with software that creates 3D model images of trucks to measure the exact volume of the material loaded in a truck or trailer bin.

Chad Garand, Vice President of D&D Mulch and Landscape oversees the delivery of bark, mulch, screened loam, crushed stone and seasoned firewood in almost any quantity for the homeowner as well as the landscaper. He commented, “We found that we were paying for yards that were not on the shipment. We were paying for more yards per load than what was actually in the trailer.

By having a lower per unit cost and inventory running with accuracy and control, the LVS system has improved their operational activities.

Chad continued, “We continually have a ROI as long as we continue to use the scanner. If we didn’t have the LVS we would continue to have a higher cost per yard.”

D & D Much are in business for the long-term, and base its success on a foundation of integrity, honesty and ethics that are beyond reproach. With the LVS used as their point of measurement they are able to uphold their core values  with all of their customers.

The LVS scanner systems are available in portable, semi-portable and fixed gantry models to best suit the customer’s application. The range of measurable load materials and truck types has been extended. LVS devices are successfully operated on a full spectrum of truck and trailer designs including on-road truck and trailers, semi-trailers and centre-dumpers, as well as off-road articulated dumpers and quarry trucks.

The components used in the LVS system are of the highest quality on the market and are the only lasers available that pass the stringent metrological and accuracy testing required for Trade Approval with tested and proven accuracy of +/- 1%.