Mining Productivity

Mining productivity is all about moving the maximum amount of material as efficiently as possible, shift after shift.

If you’re not accounting for, and getting an accurate measure on each payload, you probably aren’t working to optimal efficiency.

But how do you ensure each payload is optimised?

1. Get an accurate measure on each payload
2. Measure payload volume on entry and exit
3. Give operators direct real-time feedback
4. Optimise load capacity
5. Track and trace all loads

Here’s how:

1. Get an accurate volume and tonnage measure on each payloadmining2-200x200

Where accurate volume and tonnage matters, direct non-contact ‘drive-through’ volume measurement is the most accurate payload measurement available.

Trucks are scanned by driving slowly below an elevated scan head. The system compares empty scan profiles and loaded scan profiles for the same vehicle to compute an accurate load volume.

This removes uncertainties such as moisture content, compaction and loading variations. Using this method, load volumes can be calculated to within a proven and tested +/-1%.

2. Measure payload volume on entry and exit

By measuring load volume on entry and exit you can eliminate haulback (material left in the truck and accounted for multiple times). Make sure your system takes any haulback into account in real-time so that the actual measure for each load is calculated. Haulback should be deducted from shift tallies and identified and removed from the tub.LoadTrak In-Cab Load Tracking Consoles

3. Give operators direct real-time feedback

The ideal is to equip trucks with an in-cab console that allows the driver to enter load details such as truck operator, bogger operator, load source, load type, destination at the time of loading. This information feeds into the load volume measurement system.

Load measurement feedback is reported to the driver immediately after load measurement. Understanding this information will generally influence driver/loader operator behaviour and lead to improved haulage efficiency and increased productivity.

4. Optimise load capacity

Once you have an accurate volume measure of payloads you can determine the maximum and ultimate payload capacity of your haulers. Increasing your payload will increase your efficiency and output (move more material for the same cost).

Also, once your maximum payload is identified you can educate the bogger operators to load to capacity more consistently.

5. Track and trace all loads

It’s important to have a system that accurately tracks material movement totals against performance targets in real-time. When you have an accurate picture of what you’re moving each day you can analyse this information to make more strategic operational decisions.

Get accurate information now.

The LoadScan Load Volume Scanner (LVS) is the original non-contact ‘drive-through’ lorry and dump truck load measurement instrument for the measurement of bulk material volumes. LoadScan is ideal for use in the underground mining industry. Contact us today phone +64 7 847 5777 (or in Australia ph+61 7-3217-0311 or the US ph +1 951-234-5933)

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