The Estate Management and Business Development Company Limited (EMBD) is a State Enterprise 100% owned by the Government of the Republic of  Trinidad and Tobago. Based in Trinidad, the southernmost island in the Caribbean, West Indies, one of the primary objectives of EMBD was to implement a new business model for the legal mining of sand for sale to the public from a 59.5 hectare parcel of land known as the Coco Road Sand Quarry located in Claxton Bay, in central Trinidad.

A critical component of the new business model was the selection of an appropriate system to accurately measure volumes of sand. Not only was this important to ensure customers receive accurate volumes, but these measurements would be used to precisely calculate royalties payable by EMBD to the State. The only available option under old systems in Trinidad was the use of a weighbridge. However, EMBD wanted a new technology that would be extremely accurate, efficient, easy to operate, capable of withstanding challenging weather conditions, have minimal maintenance costs and have a cloud based data management software system which would be compatible with EMBD’s accounting software systems.

Following a procurement exercise the EMBD selected Loadscan Limited to supply a Block Mounted Load Volume Scanner (LVS). Due to COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions in 2020 the Loadscan Support Team was unable to travel to Trinidad for on-site installation and commissioning. Nevertheless to mitigate this challenge, EMBD personnel with the remote assistance of the New Zealand-based Loadscan Technical Team was able to successfully complete the installation and commissioning of the LVS facilitating the opening of the Coco Road Sand Quarry to the public on 3 July, 2020. EMBD has found the LVS System to be user friendly and the Loadscan Team has been steadfast in support of the EMBD in the implementation and use of this new technology in Trinidad.

The opening of the Coco Road Sand Quarry with the LVS System is a critical step in the ongoing efforts by the State towards the elimination of widespread illegal mining, a problem which has been in existence for years. The public can now purchase high quality red plastering sand, sandfill and backfill from the Coco Road Sand Quarry and be comfortable that the LVS system provides complete accountability and accuracy of each truck load of sand. This is the first use of the LVS System in Trinidad and Tobago and it is operating smoothly to date giving a satisfactory return on this technological investment.