New Florida based Sales and Service Rep

Florida-based Reece has joined J Mckinnon (Loadscan’s customer and agent) as their new sales and service rep. Originally from London, Reece has a background in construction and was a professional dirt bike racer with an interest in restoring vintage bikes in his spare time. Reece hopes to have a major impact with Loadscan’s products in Florida within the civil construction market and expand out to other states.

“I’m pleased to be part of Loadscan, as a representitive in Florida I find it enjoyable to promote this product that as it benefits not only the seller of material but the buyer too. It gives them both a level playing fielding knowing they can bill for the exact amount and the purchaser is getting exactly what they pay for.”

“As part of J Mckinnon, I’ve seen first hand how their scanner has become an essential tool in its operation – accurately measuring material entering and leaving site. Their consumers know exactly what they’re getting – nothing more or less.”

Contact Reece on (222) 201-0968 or email