Groundswell of interest in volume scanning from Florida’s construction sector

Quarry operators and civil contractors throughout the greater Florida area are revolutionizing how they measure bulk material with volume scanning technology from Loadscan.

Loadscan is represented in Florida by Reece Brimmer, on behalf of J McKinnon Development, who operate a shell mine and several sand mines and have interests in mass earth moving and civil construction.

J McKinnon were one of Florida’s early adopters of volumetric scanning – using it to accurately track every yard of sand that leaves each of their sites – and quickly saw the potential to share the technology with others in their industry effectively leveling the playing field for all those buying, selling and hauling pre-construction material.

Lawson Lamar, vice president of J.McKinnon, enjoys the simplicity and convenience of Loadscan. “With Loadscan we’re getting an accurate volume and we can represent exactly what we’ve loaded on that truck, nothing more, nothing less. We sell in volume, we should measure in volume. That’s exactly what we’re doing with Loadscan” he says.

With the likes of JR Davis, S&L Materials, Hughes Brothers, P&S Paving, Southland, Transcor, WLW and Swell Construction utilizing load volume scanning (LVS) systems it has become something of a movement in the region.

The benefits of measuring in volume via laser scanning are multifaceted. The process itself is fast and easy with trucks being scanned in-motion and automatically identified by RFID. That means users can speed up their drop-off and load-out processes thanks to the elimination of manual paper tickets and easy tracking of multiple contractors. And there’s no more bottle neck of trucks lined up at the scale waiting to be weighed.

But perhaps even more significant is the intelligence and management capability it provides. Having access to real-time, accurate data allows the user to diminish the risks associated with under-supply, haul-back, biased loading, and sub-optimal utilization of trucks.

Originally from London, Loadscan sales and service rep, Reece, has a background in construction before being recruited by J McKinnon and Loadscan.

“I like promoting this product as it benefits not only the seller of material but the buyer too. Loadscan gives them both a level playing field. You can confidently bill for the exact amount and the purchaser is getting exactly what they pay for. It’s fair and it makes good business sense” says Reece.

Load volumes are traditionally computed from bulk densities (mass/volume ratios), which can be inaccurate. The LVS provides an exact picture, to plus or minus one percent accuracy, of the quantity of material being moved.

For more information about load volume scanning systems visit or contact Reece on (222) 201-0968 or email

Dump truck under 3D scanner