Loadscan featured in Engineering and Mining Journal

Loadscan is pleased to be featured in the December 2018 issue of E&MJ.

The article reads…

Loadscan reported Hindustan Zinc purchased two LVS-3CMX load volume scanners for its Zawar mine complex, bringing the total to four owned by the miner. At its Rajpua-Dariba mine, the miner uses a custom-mounted LVS-3CMX model underground to measure ore, and a LVS-3BMP
positioned at the portal to measure truck loads.

The Loadscan LVS is the original non-contact, automated drive-through truck-load measurement instrument, Loadscan reported.

As a target vehicle drives under the scanner, the LVS scans the load and creates a 3D model. By comparing the model with that stored on file for the same vehicle when empty, the LVS calculates the load volume to a proven accuracy of +/- 1%, or to the point of resolution, which is .1m3, the company reported.

Read the whole case study.

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