The team at Loadscan set off to Rotorua this week for some white water rafting action, tackling the worlds highest commercially rafted waterfall.

Divided into two boats, the teams took on almighty waterfall drops, rushing rapids, and calm pools of recovery. Surrounded by lush native bush, the teams experienced white knuckle thrills by braving the grade five Tutea Falls on the Kaituna River.

The teams had plenty of time to build up anticipation and practice their newly acquired skills in the rapids and two smaller waterfalls before the big seven metre drop.

With a 1/20 chance of staying in the boat team one consisting of Jasmine Wang (Accountant) Luke Jackman (Product Specialist, Australia), Andrew Duffy (Sales and Market Developer Manager), Adrian Ruthe (Product Developer Manager), Matthew Quine (Software Developer) came in straight down the fall and miraculously all stayed in the boat -closely losing Jasmine off the side.

Team two consisting of Carey West (Managing Director) Brad Webb (Product Design Technician) Patrick Vetsch (Product Specialist) Drew Harding (Product Specialist, Australia) Carlos Aviles (Business Development and Sales Specialist), Paul Zeeders (Product Support Technician) came in off-side and impressively flipped the boat causing the team to all fall out.

All safe and sound back in the boat, the teams headed back to base to warm up and have a laugh at the photos!