As part of its ongoing drive to continually deliver increased value to its customer base, Loadscan is set to release a range of enhancements to its MyScanner system.

Providing secure, cloud-based access to a customer’s scanners, MyScanner provides a variety of real-time scan data, remote control of systems, and access to global Loadscan support from anywhere in the world. The new features add significantly to MyScanner’s ability to provide valuable data that can be used to drive improvements and efficiencies in your business.

The first round of refinements will include an enhanced measurements and records editing system, which will permit users to correct or delete data due to issues that may have made it incorrect or unnecessary. These could include error scans, changes to product descriptions, incorrect operator or vehicle information, or even the ability to manually add an estimated volume measurement for a truck that may have not been scanned but has left or entered a site unrecorded.

Also included in the impending MyScanner updates will be advanced load profiling due to highly advanced 3D modelling, which will provide detailed three-dimensional profiles of every load either entering or exiting a site. This will allow operators to get a clear picture of load consistency, as well as identifying problems such as carryback and uneven loading, while the 3D scans also allow for load-on-load comparisons by laying scans over one another and viewing them from any angle.

The new enhancements also mark the intention to roll out MyScanner as Loadscan’s sole data management system, superseding the original OverView system, which will be phased out. The two systems have been operating in parallel prior to this new release but the cloud-based platform used by MyScanner makes it considerably more effective, accessible, secure and easier to provide system support.

Customers currently using OverView will require a software upgrade for their Volume Scanning System (LVS/MPS) and may require hardware upgrades to be able to access some of the new MyScanner features such as the 3D scan profiles. Support and training will be available as the new MyScanner attributes are rolled out.

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