Loadscan has recently rolled out a new release of MyScanner adding a new dashboard screen and updates to the measurement screen. With the new features and improvements, you can empower the daily operations team with data insights in real-time.

Having a centralized dashboard will save you and your team time and effort, help you to focus on the most important metrics. You can now easily get a summary view of each scanner’s activity and identify errors and warnings, getting an idea of 5-day trends for load counts and volume.

The new filters on the measurements screen help speed up daily operations. Measurement records can be filtered based on their success, error, warning and cancelled states. Selecting a period of measurements is now easier with an improved date range selector, giving you more control when viewing and exporting your data.

Loadscan is endeavouring to continuously roll out new features and capabilities to the MyScanner application. We aim to drive improvements and efficiencies in your business.