Loadscan has a culture of improvement and it is expected that the team always looks for opportunities to improve both individually and as a team.

On the 26th of November, the staff in the office had a fantastic demo training session with our sales and technical support team. It’s a rare opportunity for the finance, marketing, and supply chain management team to see how the Load Volume Scanner is set up onsite. Andrew, our business development manager and Patrick, our support technician showed the team how to set up a Load Volume Scanner Trailer Mounted Mobile from the start.  Starting by connecting the power, adjusting the height of the trailer, logging into the computer, using the laser locator to find out the scan area. Everyone got the chance to work on each step in setting up the scanner. Patrick drove the truck with cargo to be scanned, the team received the scanning ticket as well as displaying it on the screen as a finish.

It was a great team-building exercise for the office team to learn some hands-on product knowledge. At the end of the session, the office team all have positive feedback and were amazed by the accurate result the scanner showed.  A massive thanks to Andrew and Patrick for their expertise! 10/10 demo!