Save millions on monitoring carry-back from $70 AUD a day

Loadscan Australia is now offering leasing options for a limited time only on their load volume scanner (LVS) and conveyor volume scanner (CVS) to help civil construction companies save millions of dollars.

The LVS system enables proper management of loading and carry-back with a highly accurate measurement of every load to give users an auditable trial of transparent data. New customers, without sufficient capital to purchase outright, can now equip themselves to optimise loading, production and profits at an affordable daily cost.

Luke Jackman, Loadscan’s product specialist, explains that the offer runs until 31 December 2019 to cater for the busy period approaching civil contractors.

“While an LVS was once considered discretionary spend (as opposed to a strictly necessary piece of operating equipment) the value derived by civil construction companies of having a scanner — in terms of enhanced productivity, human resources savings, cost of time, and bottom line — has indisputably proven its worth on site” said Luke.

Rodney Aggregates, based in New Zealand, reported a saving of $4,875,000 over 5-years after using an LVS on their quarry to minimise profit loss due to carry-back on their overburden stripping programmes.

Not only is the LVS a money saving piece of equipment, it can also bring risk and audit benefits. Queensland-based civil construction company, Coops, is currently minimising identified risk surrounding discrepancies on a large project currently underway at Pimpama Home Focus Centre.

Coops is accounting for 320,000 cubic metres of export material with their LVS system. A simple agreement with the trucking company means Coops are charged based on volume being shifted offsite, which is reported via the scanner thus avoiding potential misinterpretation of truck load volume.

With a variety of scanners available to suit all needs, customers are able to choose from trailer mounted scanners, block mounted fixed or block mounted portable. Each scanner is based on the same proprietary software but is configured to suit the environments of a given job.

Also available on lease is Loadscan’s new conveyor volume scanner (CVS). The CVS has redefined production control with precise measurement of bulk flow and live data feeds.  Customers are able to monitor and operate conveyor belts wherever they are.

To find out more about Loadscan’s LVS or CVS systems please visit loadscan.com or contact Luke Jackman on +61 407 854 886 or luke@loadscan.com to enquire about leasing.

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