Scanner rental gets a big thumbs up

Renting a Loadscan scanner proved a perfect solution for Fulton Hogan, says project accountant Derek Alston. The scanner was transported down to the South Island for a project that involved re-lining part of a hydro canal.

The project spanned four months, and Derek says it would not have proven economical to purchase a scanner for a one-off job over such a relatively short period. The rental option worked perfectly.

He says he would have no hesitation renting a Loadscan scanner again when the need arises. “It is user friendly and is a perfect tool when comparing theoretical volume with actual volume.”

“Therefore it keeps everyone honest as it removes any potential discrepancies over the amount of material used. There Is total transparency and it was really good to know exactly what volumes of aggregate stone we were putting in. Some sub-contractors, who expresses initial reservations ended up being the first to ask for the scanner data. We use the data, the client uses it and the subcontractor too.”