Smiles all round for new customers – from Kuwait to South Africa! 

Patrick Vetsch, from our sales team, recently visited Kuwait and South Africa to install Loadscan’s Load Volume Scanners (LVS).

In Kuwait, a large civil contracting company purchased the LVS-3TMM to measure and manage material carted by contractor’s trucks on and off a major highway contract, this was Loadscan’s first LVS system installed in Kuwait.

The LVS-3TMM is a self-contained mobile truck measurement unit and can be driven to site and be fully setup in as little as 45 minutes. The customer was extremely happy with the performance and accuracy of the scanner and it was noted how easy and user friendly the LVS software was to use.    

The second stop on Patrick’s trip was to South Africa where he installed an LVS -3BMF for Gomes Sand, a sand mining company.

The scanner was purchased so that they could guarantee that they are supplying the correct amount of sand to their customers. Previous disagreements with customers over supplied quantities will now be in the past.  Patrick said, “I see these guys as forward thinkers and honest operators that are actively using new technology to guarantee supplied quantities.”

The Loadscan LVS-3BMF is a fixed model, perfect for applications where there is a permanent site office. The fixed truck measurement unit is hardwired to the office, giving instant load data access to the operations staff.