Start off 2018 with a trucking factor increase of 15%.

Make your new year’s resolution to increase trucking factors by 15% after purchasing Loadscan’s Load Volume Scanner (LVS) system.

Loadscan’s solution combines low maintenance Load Volume Scanner measurement technology with reporting software and remote control options for smarter product management.

It’s a simple solution. You want to maximise the amount of material moved, shift after shift. To do that you need to load trucks to capacity every time – without overloading or unsafe loads. Here’s how…

Accurate load-out measurement

The LVS measures outgoing loads of processed product more accurately and quickly than traditional methods of weighing. The LVS system not only reports actual load volumes – it develops skills of a loader operator too. The feedback that the LVS provides to loader operators significantly improves accuracy and consistency of loading to target volumes across all loader machines and loader operators.

Inventory monitoring

Incoming raw material load consistency and size improves when suppliers know their loads are being monitored at the point of delivery, even when invoices are generated at the point of loading.

Load data entry

The LVS system can manually collect additional load details such as product type, customer, order number and weight document with each measurement.

Period reporting

Real-time and historical period reporting for invoice generation, inventory analysis and win-rate calculation with report generation in Microsoft® Excel.

Low maintenance, cost-effective solution

LVS non-contact measurement technology is low maintenance and does not require regular servicing or calibration.

So why is the LVS more than just payload measurement?

• Determine product densities by combining volume measurements with weight data

• Record truck and load details to meet quarry/land-fill consent requirements

• Monitor incoming clean fill for land rehabilitation

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