Volume of bush material needed? No problem!

Do you remember our competition winner Gary Cooper from South Jersey Agricultural Products (SJAP)? Gary won a two-week trial of Loadscan’s load volume scanner (LVS) after entering our competition at the USCC conference and tradeshow in Atlanta.

Patrick, Loadscan’s technician visited SJAP on a crisp winters day with fresh snow settled on site to set up the LVS (which only took 45 minutes).

Patrick watched the LVS measure truckloads of scrub and bush material that was being cleared off nearby land. Material of this nature can be difficult to scan, with its fine branches and large pockets of air space, but Loadscan’s LVS had no problem. It easily and accurately scanned the bush material using settings that enhance debris monitoring.

Scanning in this manner would give SJAP the ability to easily calculate their raw inwards material versus the finished mulch it produces. Watch this space…..