Loadscan chosen to present at SDIMI

Loadscan has been chosen to present at AUSIMM SDIMI conference in Sydney, Australia on 28 May 2019 in session 7.

Owner and managing director of Loadscan, Carey West, will be presenting on ‘Optimised payloads and increased trucking factors with volume scanning’. You’ll find Carey in rooms P6&7 at Portside Conference Centre demonstrating how an LVS increased trucking factors for Aeris Resources, Tritton mine in Australia.

Tritton, was the first underground operation in Australia to purchase and install an LVS system – decision that has led to a 9.7 per cent increase in trucking factors.

Under the previous system, truck operators were required to fill out time sheets and document their activities, including truck ID, load destination, time loaded, time dumped etc. Now the LVS does all of this for the Tritton mine. In addition to the daily workflow gains, Tritton has future proofed and minimised maintenance requirements.

SDIMI is the 9th international conference on sustainable development in the minerals industry. The conference will bring together practitioners, researchers, regulators and civil society to discuss how the latest in technology innovation in mining and minerals processing are contributing towards sustainable mining.

Loadscan has been making its mark in the industry with dozens of international mining operations investing in their volumetric scanning technology. The Loadscan truck load profiling system gives real-time data, including 3D imaging, of every load so fill factors and correct loading can be monitored. It provides an exact picture (with +/- 1% accuracy) of the quantity of material being extracted/hauled and scanning trucks on their return route will allow mines to monitor (and manage) wasteful haul-back.

Find out more information on the load volume scanner.

Read case studies on the LVS on our mining page.

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