First LVS Installation in Switzerland

While on my travels through Switzerland, I took the opportunity to call in and see Loadscan’s first Switzerland based customer, Makies AG. It was great to finally meet the team at Makies AG as Loadscan commissioned their LVS-3BMF via Skype back in August 2014, which was something different at the time. The team at Makies have done a superb job of installing their LVS-3BMF, giving them a quality set up.  I don’t say this lightly but Makies have a real sharp operation with some quality equipment.

Live Data Feeds

Makies are utilising the LVS technology to measure and account for all inbound loads of clean fill that are being disposed of at their consented clean fill operation in Ebersecken. Makies established their own internal data link back to their head office in Zell where the load data is live fed into the Loadscan Overview reporting software. This also enables full remote control of the LVS unit out on site.

All Makies AG and customer trucks using the LVS system are tagged with TagMaster RFID tags so that they can be automatically identified when scanned by the Loadscan LVS system.

Load volume scanner installation at Makies
load volume scanner installation switzerland
load volume scanner installation switzerland

Carey West
Managing Director
Loadscan Ltd

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