Sales team struck gold!

Our sales team struck gold whilst driving to Florida’s Transportation Building Association (FBTA) conference and spotting Loadscan’s load volume scanner in action at Hubbard Construction on the main highway – 15 minutes out of the show.

This intrigued many visitors, wondering what it was and how it worked, resulting in many enquiries and some instant sales. Perfect!

The scanner, located on the 528 toll road in Orlando, is being used to measure inbound sand and clay. Hubbard is driven by its mission for “operational excellence” meaning both Hubbard and Loadscan work hand in hand in aiming for the best.

Another load volume scanner was spotted on the side of the road in Florida on a roading project being managed by Lane Construction. Again to measure inbound sand and clay, Lane Construction insisted that the material had to be supplied through a Loadscan scanner – proving accuracy and reliability gets the jobs.

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