Successful first install — “LVS system is just as important as the truck!”

Earlier this month, Brad our Product Design Engineer went out on his first solo install after doing a couple of training installs with Paul and Patrick from our Production Support team.

The LVS-3TMM rental unit was installed in Baldwins Quarry, in Meremere, New Zealand. Baldwins is a Higgins Aggregates owned and operated quarry for overburden stripping, carried out by Edwards Plant hire.

Terry Edwards owner of Edwards Plant Hire just can’t get enough of the scanner on these contracts, he said, “they have become a valuable piece of equipment, the Load Volume Scanner (LVS) is just as important as the truck that hauls the stripping or the excavator that loads the truck, you simply have to know what your carting and how the haul back is effecting your bottom line.”

Brad said that the install went really well and he managed to get some great pictures of the scanner in operation.

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