No-one likes being ripped off.

One of the most contentious issues when buying bulk materials (like sand, gravel, compost, mulch and bark) is you can’t be 100% sure you’re getting the amount you paid for.

You might have ordered 80 cubic metres/yards… but is that what you actually received?

Without measuring volume you’ll never know for sure.

And weigh-bridges and other payload measurement systems are not always reliable or accurate. If it rained the night before and the bulk material is wet, it will weigh more. Counting scoops or individual truck loads is also open to abuse.

3 signs you’re not getting your money’s worth:

1. A mulch truck rolls into your facility and the load appears to be down below the top edge of the bin. When they tip it off, the pile also looks a whole lot smaller than other recently dumped loads. 

2. After surveying the area to be covered and the depth of material required, you calculate you’ll need 10 truck loads of gravel. But you wind up having to order another 2 or 3 loads to complete the job.

3. You order 25 truck loads of fill (and are charged for them) but you only saw 22 truck loads delivered. Did the other three ever arrive?

Introducing Loadscan:

Loadscan’s Load Volume Scanners (LVS) feature anti-corruption measures to prevent the latter scenario occurring.

Each truck is given a unique Radio Frequency ID tag and the raw data from each scan is encrypted so no-one can hack into the system and add a load in. And our scanners don’t lie – they won’t produce a reading at all unless it’s an accurate one.

Loadscan is like having a policeman on your site. Its job is to keep everyone honest and provide you with peace of mind, knowing that all truck loads are accounted for and their volume has been accurately measured.

How does it work?

Trucks of all shapes and sizes are scanned by driving slowly beneath an elevated 3D Load Volume Scanner – once when they’re empty (this information is then stored on our database for 12 months), and again when they arrive carrying a load.

The two scan profiles are then compared to calculate the exact load volume.

Get accurate information now.

Loadscan is ideal for use in the construction, mining, mulch & bark, quarry & sandpit. So if you’re worried about being over-charged and under-supplied, contact us today.