Find out how you can obtain accurate load measurement data, with a single drive-through scan, at SteinExpo (Germany)

What would a trucking factor increase of 15% mean for your business? Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

We’ll be exhibiting at SteinExpo, where you can come and chat with our managing director, Carey West, and sales and business development manager, Chris Van Schagen, to see for yourself the dramatic productivity increase load volume scanning can offer your quarry, construction site or mining operation.

It’s a simple solution really. You want to maximise the amount of material moved, shift after shift. To do that you need to load trucks to capacity every time – without overloading or unsafe loads. To help you achieve maximum payload opportunity we provide an accurate, reliable material haulage measurement, analysis and reporting system.

The Loadscan Load Volume Scanner (LVS) system beats truck counting hands-down because what gets measured, gets managed. With accurate haulage management comes increased productivity and the ability to modify driver/loader operator behaviour based on real-time data.

Visit us at SteinExpo stand B59, Homberg/Neider-Ofleiden, Germany 30 August – 2 September to learn more about maximising your payload.

Loadscan Exhibits at Steinexpo 2017
Mining Truck uses Loadscan technology