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An LVS to suit your business

LoadScan offers a range of cost-effective Load Volume Scanner (LVS) configurations and truck measurement solutions to suit most Industries and Applications. Whether it’s a highly portable system to move from job to job, a permanent installation or a fully customized application – LoadScan has the truck measurement solution for you.

See how LoadScan Load Volume Scanner (LVS) technology can benefit your business.

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Optimize truck loading, productivity and profits in your industry

Loadscan Mining Applications
Loadscan Civil Construction Applications
Loadscan Quarry Sand-pit Applications
Loadscan Bark & Mulch products

Other applications for Volumetric Truck Load Measurement

  • FEMA Contractors: disaster cleanup debris monitoring. Replace manual human monitor estimates with accurate, automated measurement.
  • Oil & Gas: accurate shale-oil drilling separation waste tracking. Optimize cartage efficiency and accurately track the size of your contaminated waste liabilities.
  • Municiple Authorities: winter snow and debris removal. Accurately measure snow volumes carted to snow-dump yards and monitor other debri cleanup abd bulk cartage contracts.

  • Ports: measurement of bulk product loading/unloading ships or crushed ice trucked to fishing vessels.
  • Waste & Recycling: measurement of crushed, shredded or ground waste and recycling materials such as scrap steel, tyre rubber, crushed concrete etc.

  • Pulp & Paper Mills: measurement of incoming wood-chip and hog fuel materials.
  • Bio-Fuels: measurement of bulk biomass materials for energy and bio-fuel production.
Oil-drilling separation waste management application