Loadscan expands into Australian market

Loadscan, leaders in load volume scanning technology, is following global demand and expanding its operations by opening up an office in NSW Australia.

Established in 2012, Loadscan’s headquarters is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, and the company has exported their load volume scanner (LVS) worldwide to a variety of industries wanting to accurately track the movement of bulk material.

The Loadscan load profiling system gives real-time data, including live 3D imaging, of every load so that fill factors and correct loading can be monitored. It provides an exact picture (with +/- 1% accuracy) of the quantity of material being extracted/hauled and scanning trucks on their return route will allow companies to monitor (and manage) wasteful carry-back.

Carey West, Owner and Managing Director said, “We got our foot in the door in Australia when our load volume scanner was a proven success in Aeris Resources Tritton mine and increased their trucking factors by 10%. Now we’ve opened an office in NSW as we want to focus on Australia – there’s a huge market here that can benefit from our technology.”

With a current high demand in the Australian mining, quarry, civil construction, and bark/ mulch sectors for volume scanning technology, Loadscan has hired seasoned sales and support staff to strengthen service in-country.

With over 400 operating mines in Australia there’s a significant change in the industry to strive for improvement across the value chain. Earlier this year, Loadscan hired a mining sales manager based in Australia, Gavin Selth. Gavin brings a wealth of engineering and mining experience to the Loadscan team and has worked within the mining industry for a number of years.

To respond to rapidly growing demand in the quarry and civil construction industries Loadscan has recently hired product specialist Luke Jackman. Luke’s previous experience in various senior sales and account management roles within the ICT sector means he comes to Loadscan with an appreciation for good data and intuitive software.

Drew Harding is Loadscan’s newest customer and product support technician. Drew will be on call to assemble and configure to customer requirements as well as providing technical know-how and after-sales support.

Contact one of our Australian sales team for more information.

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